Edge Computing: Introduction and usage in IoT

With the increased usage of IoT enabled devices, the data is increasing day by day. As IoT devices enables data communication among connected devices with minimal human intervention, these devices are producing explosive amount of data.

Businesses are moving towards cloud-based solutions to meetup with scalability needs. But moving all users’ data to conventional cloud servers for any analysis is not thought to be the best approach. This is where edge computing comes into the picture.

Edge computing is a network aware computation methodology with focus to provide computing capabilities as close as possible to the data sources (IoT devices) to minimize bandwidth usage, network latency and security concerns.

Two major IT industry players, Microsoft and Cisco announced integration of their IoT and cloud platforms to enable more edge computing capabilities for the connected world. This technological integration provides seamless usage of azure services by IoT devices for better data control and security.

Cisco provides integration with various IoT platforms to enable better data sharing and control. Keeping security concerns in mind, Microsoft’s IoT hub service is claimed to be using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard scheme for the data stored from validated IoT devices.

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