Robotics Intro!

Perspective of a 12 year old kid

What is Robotics?

Robots are the only toy attractive for children nowadays; it’s a machine who has helped human industry grow to a new level and a device which has made human work effortless and fast.

The robot making has gone through a long procedure. From thinking to analysing, building to designing and to create the most epic creature. All this work related to robots is robotics; building, functioning, designing all undergoes robotics.

Simply we can then say that all the work related to robots and sensory devices is called Robotics.

Uses of Robotics

There are many uses of robotics in many fields (occupations). Some are listed below:

  1. There are occupations which require dangerous tasks to be done so robots replace these. For example, in some places people wear robotic arms so that they don’t burn their hands while welding and robotic arms are made using robotics
  2. There is robotics even in medical field. For example, there is a robotic surgery to recover fast, cleanser robots which disinfect the hospital and some robots pack medicines (even factory machine is made using robotics). There are many more uses
  3. There are robots in many more fields also like security and service robots in hotel industry, soil analysis and harvesting robots in agriculture (farming) industry, computer science teaching robots in education field and so many more.

Advantages of Robotics

There are many advantages of using robotics. Some are listed below:

  1. It increases our creativity as designing a robot and deciding what it should do is a creative task.
  2. It helps in many works which are difficult to do for us. For example, keeping a record of many things together at the same time.
  3. Robotics also requires a lot of patience so it teaches us to be patient and not get frustrated.
  4. It also needs our programming skills so we get to learn how to program.
  5. At last, making robots is very fun so we enjoy and have fun while we make.

Fun facts

  1. Full form of robot is Residents Official Board Of Technology
  2. First Industrial Robot was developed by George Devol
  3. Robotics was invented by Ben Skora
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